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Partnering with leaders to maximise their organisations potential.

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We are people centric coaches, located in New Zealand. There are no two organisations the same, the culture and customer segmentation is always different, not replicatable and requires a bespoke strategy for competitive advantage. Our global environment is in constant disruption from new competitors, our employees needs are changing radidly and the customer has become more aware of what they expect from companies they buy from. Surge offers specific solutions to help leaders transform their organisation for increased customer and employee value.

Agility Transformation

Business agility transformation requires a mixture of deliberate and emergent strategy; no framework can be copied and deployed. We can assist in Business Agility transformation from planning to execution, ensuring key objectives are met.

Organisation Metrics & Strategy

We empower your journey towards agility by measuring the team culture, tribe health and organisational agility. Using your objectives, we devise a horizon three strategy for continous improvements, bespoke for your organisation.

Agility Training

Surge works exclusively with ICAGILE for global accreditation. Allowing our customers to feel comfortable that our courses are backed by method agnostic, scientific and unbiased views. Business Agility training can be in house or at any of our online or local events.

How We Work

Our purpose is to partner with leaders to maximise their organisations potential. We believe that by continuously adapting towards a people centric culture, we can empower employees to love what they do, leading to happier customers and more profitable organisations. Our services are value driven, allowing us to pivotbased on the environment.


There is not one way of working, because there is no way of emmulating other organisations culture.


Inventions without implementation are just ideas. Innovation is the new norm, therefore, we work with you to ensure benefit realisation from those amazing ideas.


Fluffy coaching only leads to ambiguity, measuring objectives key results before, during and after delivery ensures quality baked in during the process.


Being flexible in our approach for organisational flexibility ensures a rapid trial and error bespoke methodology thats people centric and forever evolving.


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. Surge coaches come from an array of different business backgrounds, yet motivated around a single purpose. All coaches are Business Agility certified, hold a ScrumMaster certification and come prepared to switch leadership hats based on the situation.

Michael Law

Executive MBA: Specialising in Organisational design and strategy

Michael Law
Business Agility Coach

Mina Al-Ansari

Executive MBA: Specialising in Design Thinking and innovotive education

Mina Al-Ansari
Design Thinking Coach

Christian Delgado

Commercial Engineer: Specialising in Corporate and Finance

Christian Delgado - CSM
Agile Delivery Coach

Lynda Smith

Executive Masters in Strategic Organisational Leadership and Management

Coming Soon
Business Agility Coach

We want to change
peoples lives

We imagine a day where everyone gets out of bed and wants to improve their customers lifes.

What is Business Agility?

A people centric value delivery model that enables organisations to respond to change in customer demand for the greatest competitive advantage.

Business Agility is subject to four values, which have evolved from the technology based Agile Manifesto in 1999. Frameworks and Methodologies that meet the values, allow organisations to meet the forever changing customer demands.

In essense, a company that adopts Business Agility is placing people at the heart of its values.


We Are Here For You

Our coaches work with your organisation to evaluate the current state, help to create a strategy to increase customer and employee value and if required; Surge can help you transform through our continuous improvement framework. Surge can help with strategy, thought leadership, training, setting up metrics and facilitation of events.


Agile Lead, Agile Coach, ScrumMaster or THE Consultant.

Evaluating, setting targets and holding teams accountable for delivering customer value in a framework-agnostic way. Agile leaders slip into an organisation 90 days at a time to help, while you find a permanent staff member.

  • Current State Analysis
  • Team Cultural Evaluation
  • 90 day strategic intent
  • Objectives, outcomes and outputs created
  • Change Management Plan
  • New Current state analysis
  • New Team Cultural Evaluation
  • Recommendations for next 90 days


Leveraging our Business Agility Radar and three horizon continuous improvement framework.

Our coaches will evaluate team culture, tribe/band journey and organisation agility to find an objective current state. With this information we will recommend a stratic plan over 90, 180 and 360 days for different parts of the organisation, with built in flexibility in it's approach.

  • Business Agility Current State
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Objective and key result recommendations
  • Three horizon stratic model
  • Recommendations of outputs to implement
  • Strategy Kaizen board creation


ICAGILE certified training online, local and in house.

Surge works exclusively with ICAGILE for global accreditation. Allowing our customers to feel comfortable that our courses are backed by method agnostic, scientific and unbiased views. Business Agility training can be in house or at any of our events.

  • Business Agility Foundations
  • Adaptive Strategy
  • Leading with Agility
  • Agility in HR
  • Agility in Finance
  • Coaching Agile Transitions
  • Product Management
  • Adaptive Org Design
  • Agile Fundamentals


Big Room Planning, PI, Retrospectives and Team Building.

Need some extra help facilitating events? We can provide qualified coaches who can be dropped into any framework to facilitate, this allows your people to focus on the outcomes of the event and allows organisations to scale effectively.

  • Big Room Planning
  • Team Retrospective
  • Team Social Contract
  • SAFe PI Planning
  • Daily Online Stand ups
  • Sprint Planning
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Our Process

We Make Our Customers Happy

We try to make everything simple, we know there are many stages to any project so we have four stress free stages to help you find the right partner.


Enjoy a coffee on us while you explain your vision, problem and/or opportunity.

Social Agreement

Getting the right people in a room to discuss the correct objectives, skills and needs for both parties.


Probing to discover the underlying dimensions of the opportunity with a documented strategy plan for implementation based on OKRs.


Following an adaptive strategy for successful outcomes, Surge coaches will deliver outcomes with objective key milestones every 90 days.

Feel free to start with a coffee and get some advice from an experienced coach.

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