Business Agility

Are you keeping up with Customer changes?

76% of customers expect companies to understand them

What is the Future?

Companies need the ability to pivot based on the customer needs, with the least impact to the organisation

Business Agility

Ensures a delivery model that enables organisations to respond to change in customer demand for the greatest competitive advantage.

Business Agility is subject to four values, which have evolved from the technology based Agile Manifesto in 1999.  Frameworks and Methodologies that meet the values, allow organisations to meet the forever changing customer demands.

In essense, a company that adopts Business Agility is placing people at the heart of its values.

Business Agility can develop and grow into many versions in an organisation, a common view is to split the framework into three:

  1. Design Thining - Explore the problem
  2. Lean Mindset - Build the right things
  3. Agile Mindset - Build the things right

Delivery Methodologies

Three methodologies that are becoming industry standard and enable teams for higher performance, greater innovation and lower cost of delivery are:

  1. Scrum - Allows work that can be planned in the short term and positions outputs to be delivered in short continuous cycles.
  2. Kanban - Ensures limited work in progress to focus on what tasks that are most important at any one time.
  3. Scrumban - Blends planned work with the allowance for unknown high importance items to disrupt the scrum plan.

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  1. Faster Delivery Cycles - Allows greater customer feedback to be taken into consideration for more value to customers.
  2. Higher Productivity - Greater autonomy of the teams leads to higher motivation and reduction in cost of delivery.
  3. Increased Innovation - Customer collaboration, continuous delivery and embracing change allows for team members to increase the amount of new ideas.

Increased Value across the organisation

A strong business agility framework brings all the organisation together for a scaled agile approach; ensuring teams are enabled to deliver value more efficiently by creating an end to end delivery system.

Key areas to consider are:

  • Funding models
  • Governance and metrics to executive
  • Value-based prioritisation
  • Portfolio management and interdependencies


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