Business Agility Foundations

Today’s organisations need people that are set up for success, focusing collaboratively with the customer and driving innovation and continuous improvement with new ways of working. Business Agility Fundamentals is a three day fully immersive course, designed for why our organisations need to change, what pain points does business agility resolve and how we can facilitate organisation transformations to deliver greater customer and employee value.

This course is for leaders looking to drive successful strategic outcomes, change agents and agile leaders looking to expand their horizons outside of I.T and the value creators, those that provide customer value that are looking for clarity around what is Business Agility and how it helps my customers and I be more aligned.

-- Course Outcomes --

Understand the Need for Business Agility

The world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. However, not everyone seems to be aware at the rate that the industrial revolution 4.0 is changing the landscape. To achieve greater customer and employee value, our organisations must change and this course will show you one way of doing that. 

Leverage Agility Frameworks & Tools

Marketing, Strategy, Technology and People & Culture have all hit the changes in customers, employees, technology and culture differently. Business Agility takes some of the best industry frameworks and tools. This course introduces you to the tools you could use to pivot without mercy. 

Draft a bespoke Business Agility roadmap

It is fantastic that someone shows you what is happening, then says here is all the tools you could use and then leaves. Not Surge. We will conclude with evaluating your current state, mapping your future state and empowering you with multiple ways to take each step through your journey. 

The Need for Business Agility

  • The reasons technology and culture are out pacing humans ability to adapt
  • How cultures have adapted throughout history 
  • The history of management theory and the natural evolution to today 
  • The importance of starting with “Why”
  • Benefits of teams over the individual
  • Ability to Self Select into Teams
  • Identified Skills and Ways of Working in your team
  • Create an organisation vision
  • Understand the behavioural & Value changes required in 2020
  • Business Agility values

Design Thinking

  • Create a Customer Empathy Map & Customer Persona
  • Trace a Customer Journey Map and identify pain points in which to solve
  • Define a value proposition
  • Complete a hack-a-thon / design studio workshop
  • Test assumptions using Lean Start-Up & MVP
  • Create lean business canvas for the highest priority Initiative
  • Understand how lean and design thinking can help deliver value by defining the “what” and the “how”

Agile Delivery

  • Understanding of the drivers for the Agile Manifesto
  • Can use the Agile Values & Principles in your workplace (or house reno)
  • Created a kanban portfolio board, prioritised by value
  • Ability to use story mapping to plan a 90-day strategy
  • Can set up a Kanban & Scrum Team!
  • Created a more realistic Dynamic Roadmap for future objectives
  • Understand the industry-standard web tools to increase collaboration and decrease the cost of delivery
  • Discussed possible reports and how they provide greater clarity 

Business Agility Transformation

    • Outputs
  • Evaluated the current state of your organisation and team
  • Create a 3 Horizon Strategy for Business Agility Transformation
  • Create a Kaizen board for Horizon 1 Business Agility transformation for your Team or Organisation 
  • Ability to negotiate and empathise with people to bring them on the journey
  • Understood two change management tools for bringing about change
  • Ability to predict challenges that you may have and ways to keep moving forward
  • Leverage Surge.Coach transformation plan
  • Mapped your current state against a possible future state
  • Leave with confidence that you can transform you, your team tribe and organisation… one step at a time. 

Upon successful completion of this training workshop, participants will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional in Business Agility Foundations