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Creating environments that deliver

We shift the boundaries on outcomes by understanding the current state
and using situational leadership to increase performance in a four step process.

Free Team Assessment

Loved how flexible Surge was!

Four Step Journey

Our experience in deliverying high performance teams aligns with the behvioural science and leadership. Teams require different styles of leadership based on their culture, ways of working and environment. Surge ensures the team is matched with the right style of social leader and continuously measures for combatibility between the coach and the team, replacing with the right coach for where the team is in their journey.

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Increased performance to cost ratio

People are assets, you can expect decreased costs from agility professionals and increased deliverables aligned to business outcomes. Increasing the organisations competitive advantage.

Data Insights for decision making

By continuously measuring and adapting, leaders will have the data they need to pivot when they need to, instead of being in the dark.

More engaged employees

High performance comes hand in hand with happier employees, a focus on people will lead to less turnover, more engagement and higher performance.

If you are a leader who is feeling the stress of delivery while wanting to protect your team, check out our free team performance report.

This free report will analyse 12 key elements that have strong correlation with high performance. At the end of the twelve questions which take on average just three minutes, we will send you a 15 page report explaining your current state, where we would focus our attention and the style of leadership that suits the team.
Free Team Assessment

Finding it difficult sourcing the right coach?

All Surge Coaches in our high performance programme go through a capabilities,
culture and mindset validation to ensure they are fit for purpose, this helps them and you.


Surge system is international, however, your coach will always be in a local city.


Coaches are competency qualified by a third party and by numerous years of experience.

Best Fit

Surge coaches are aligned to the team by evaluating the journey of the team and the coaches core competency.

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People Focussed

Your coach is there for the people, made up of employees, partners and customers.


Removing the inefficientcies of legacy roles, allows our coaches to focus on the outcomes faster.


Coaches are able to leverage surge premium accounts for collaboration, face to face calls and reporting or can integrate to internal systems such as JIJA and Zoom.

Grab a Free Coffee

If you are a leader who is ready to make changes and see the potential in your people, email us here, we can discuss your opportunities and see if we are aligned for partnership.