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Business Agility Foundations

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Understand the Need for
Business Agility


The world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. However, not everyone seems to be aware at the rate that the industrial revolution 4.0 is changing the landscape. To achieve greater customer and employee value, our organisations must change

Leverage Agility
Frameworks and Tools

Ways of Working

Marketing, Strategy, Technology and People and Culture have all hit the changes in customers, employees, technology and culture differently. Business Agility takes some of the best industry frameworks and tools. This course introduces you to the tools you could use to pivot without mercy.

Draft a bespoke Business Agility roadmap


It is fantastic that someone shows you what is happening, then says here is all the tools you could use and then leaves. Not Surge. We will conclude with evaluating your current state, mapping your future state and empowering you with multiple ways to take each step through your journey.

Business Agility Foundations

certified ICAGILE Course

Today’s organisations need people that are set up for success, focusing collaboratively with the customer and driving innovation and continuous improvement with new ways of working. Business Agility Fundamentals is a three day fully immersive course, designed for why our organisations need to change, what pain points does business agility resolve and how we can facilitate organisation transformations to deliver greater customer and employee value.

This course is for leaders looking to drive successful strategic outcomes, change agents and agile leaders looking to expand their horizons outside of I.T and the value creators, those that provide customer value that are looking for clarity around what is Business Agility and how it helps my customers and I be more aligned.

Why Agility

For Day one we revisit the culture and technology changes that have led us through organisational change. Focussing on the last hundred years of management theory, we start with "Why" an organisation thrives within the industrial revolution 4.0. Lastly, we focus on the mindset, the values and the key areas for how Business Agility can help.

Design Thinking and Agile Delivery

An introduction to strategic agility by leveraging design thinking and portfolio kanban. We will start up a real company in teams, design a business plan, create a customer-centric prioritised roadmap and be ready to use Agile Delivery to take our idea to market using the Surge Canvas. This is a long day, focussing on real social issues.

Agility Transformation

We will discuss a three horizon approach to mapping a future state and a strategy on how to get there. At the end, you will have three objectives and an array of outcomes that you have identified scientifically using Surge's Business Agility Radar (BAR) and change management techniques.

Live Agility

For an immersive experience. Surge hosts certified business agility training in New Zealand and Australia. Choose an event that suits your needs. See Latest Events here

Live Events

Online Agility

Leveraging the latest online training techniques, Surge has mobile first online modules system to expand your expertise in multiple domains. Business Agility, leadership, agile delivery and more.

Online Courses

Bespoke In-house

Globally available virtually and live in New Zealand and Australia. We will ensure your team meets their learning objectives and recieves ICAGILE certification for up to 20 individuals at a time.

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